Archeological Conservation

Dogu Garajı Ancient Attelia City Necropolis Area Conservation Project

In Antalya, Muratpaşa, Dogu Garajı district the ancient Attelia City Necropolis Area was discovered in 2007 during the construction works of a business center project. And the project was converted to a necropolis museum and cultural center. We have prepared the survey study and restoration projects of the necropolis area. The necropolis area historically referred from 3. Century B.C. to 3.Century A.D. In the survey studies of 9548 sqm area necropolis, 612 basic graves, 49 Chamosoria, 30 chamber tombs with dromos, 1 cult area and 1 podium of sarcophagus was determined. The main approach of the conservation projects is in situ preservation with minimum interference. The survey study and restoration projects approved by Antalya Cultural Heritage Preservation Board in 2017.


Conservation, Archeological Area


Antalya, Muratpaşa



Project Area

9548 sqm


Sümeyye Gider, Zehra Kezban Tel